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Robin Reed
Consultant. Author.
I've been coaching and consulting with men for over a decade. With a background in ministry and philosophy, I spent 30 years breaking free from the pillars of religion to question the “normal” and status quo.  Now considered an evocative, and sometimes controversial, thought leader, I push the limits of society and culture to create stories that matter.
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Get The Free Epic Life Reset Book Here
A Personal Message from Robin:
Listen - I know there's a lot of marketers selling quick fixes and it can be confusing on where to turn for help. I get it and I too have breakdowns.

NOBODY is exempt from having tough times where we need a fresh perspective and reset our thinking.

I'm no Magician. I'm no Saint and certainly not a Mechanic of Men.  What I DO promise you here, is that we'll get real and for most men, that alone can be extremely refreshing in a world that's been lying to us our whole lives.

Contributor to popular blogs (see list and links below), I've  been writing for over a decade about healing, recovery, personal development and how to be our best - working with men in their own self development to live life on your terms.

Most people want to live with meaning, being filled with purpose as if their work is making a difference. Whether in your relationships, your sexuality, your finances and especially as you get older, you want to FEEL good physically. You don't have to be among the many that give up, settle and throw in the towel of your dreams.

Creating a life by design requires one thing beyond all else: Clarity.

Knowing WHAT you want and going about getting it with a dualistic mindset that seems contradictory: A reckless abandonment and sole focus coupled with a modest detachment to the thing you're pursuing.

If you've even acquired something only to be disenchanted or even disappointed once you got it, this is what I’m talking about: it’s not the OBJECT or destination that brings us ultimate happiness, it’s the journey of discovery in the pursuit. If that sounds like a cliche, then a quick history lesson will affirm this over and over again through the centuries.

Great men, sitting on epic wealth, love, sex, status and fame have been diagnosed with depression and all kinds of radical afflictions because we’re built for one thing: to be in motion.

We reach for TOO much and in so doing, we set ourselves up for decades of disappointment. Imagine being able to live a life of deep, fulfilling happiness, and be able to calibrate quickly when you find yourself off balance. Asking the RIGHT questions, centering in with clarity on the lifestyle you want to design and diligently going about creating that is what brings daily happiness and contentment.

If you’ve wanted to do life differently, break the molds, the barriers and limitations that we feel bound by society, reach out to me or read one of my personal development books that offers new approaches to living life, especially as men.

Like romance and epic sex?

Beginning in 2018, I launch into a series of fiction romance novels that center around more high minded philosophy and topics including healing and the journey of men. Love CAN and does heal us - but it’s best when we come to relationships already whole.

Hey - thanks for reading all this and I hope you like what you see. I love to intentionally connect and serve the needs and wants of readers, so consider dropping me a line. You can find me on all the social channels @robinaustinreed.

Thank you and I’ll see you in the land of greatness.

~Robin Reed

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